Client testimonials

“I have been continuing to work with Gemma on my recovery from an eating disorder through the many ups and downs that recovery brings. She has been consistently alongside me, encouraging and advising me through the highs and lows.

Every time I feel beat and out of strength, she helps me to stand again and shows me the answers within myself that enable me to keep progressing. I am consistently encouraged to challenge my eating disorder and supported in doing so with incredible care. With Gemma I can laugh and cry and everything in between whilst feeling completely accepted as I am and never judged. She fights my illness with me, alongside me with strength and passion that encourages and enables change. I have never felt more supported and believed in by a professional which enables me to keep believing in recovery and to keep getting closer to that goal”

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“Gemma has honestly been a life saver. Having worked with various treatment specialists and seeing different therapists over the years, it’s only been since meeting Gemma that I have begun to make significant progress in my recovery journey. I have never had so much support and encouragement from a professional.

Gemma is incredibly understanding and intuitive. She is professional but also easy-going, which makes it easier to talk and express thoughts, however silly or crazy they might feel.

It feels more like having an extremely knowledgeable and helpful friend to talk to than a therapist. But that’s not saying she won’t challenge you if she believes you’re ready! Gemma goes above and beyond, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found her. She really is a gem”

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“I have been working on my recovery from an eating disorder with Gemma since September 2016 having spent the last 12 years in and out of various treatment, always relapsing, never feeling understood, never dealing with the root causes of my illness and never being shown how to shape my future differently.

With Gemma though I feel truly cared for, safe to explore recovery and supported to make positive changes.

I am treated as an individual and have l finally started to work out the historical factors that contributed to the development of my eating disorder as a way of surviving as well as the issues that have maintained it. I am further into recovery than I have ever been before and more than that I am confident that with my perseverance and Gemma alongside me I can get further still. Gemma is truly unique as a therapist, she genuinely cares, her hard work to help is unmatched in my experience and she has been a true blessing in helping not only me start to get my life back from the illness that has stolen so much from me; but she is also helping give me back to my husband and daughter who have so often lost me to my eating disorder

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“We have worked with Gemma for a number of years now on a complex family case. Throughout this time Gemma has Case Managed with professionalism and discretion. She has coordinated multiple agencies and specialists, managed communication and budget and delivered great results with her friendly and flexible approach. It continues to be a pleasure to work with Gemma, we are extremely grateful for her help and patience and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Written by J & C London